Friday, September 7, 2018

Grandparent's Day Info

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Grandparent's Day

9-7 Newsletter

Mrs. Lamberson’s Newsletter
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I do apologize for not getting the Friday Folders our last week.  I had them sitting on my desk and never passed them out! 

Math: We finished Module 1: adding and subtraction within 100.  We will begin measurement next week.

Language: Our focus capitalization.  We have been working on what needs a capital letter.

Reading: During this time, we read Arthur’s Pet Business and Being a Good Citizen, which helps us understand rights and responsibilities.

Writing: The class has been practicing using the “Star Writers” checklist.  It helps them with finger spacing, capital letters, punctuation, and rereading what they have written.

Content: This week, we have working on citizenship, rights and responsibilities.

Important Dates:
September 14th: No School

October 11th: Cox Care Mobile
I have several different ways to know what is going on in the classroom and school.  You can get information through Seesaw (the pink paper), Remind, and check out my blog at

Have a great weekend!

Friday, August 31, 2018

Newsletter 8-31

Mrs. Lamberson’s Newsletter
417-743-410                               8-31-18
Math: We are working on different strategies to add and subtract within 100. 
Language: Our focus has been story elements: characters, setting, problem, and solution.
Reading: Your child has been taking the NWEA test this week.  They have been focused and doing their best work!
Writing: The class will be practicing using the “Star Writers” checklist.  It helps them with finger spacing, capital letters, punctuation, and rereading what they have written.
Important Dates:
September 3rd: No School
September 7th: Grandparent’s Day
September 14th: No School
October 11th: Cox Care Mobile
The Cox Care Mobile is scheduled to be at Clever schools on October 11, 2018.  The Care Mobile is a medical office on wheels that provides FREE services to children ages birth to 18 years. This service is provided whether you have insurance or not.  Please note:  The Care Mobile does charge for sports physicals to those that do not qualify for free or reduced lunches.  You may call the school nurse to inquire about the services provided, to schedule an appointment, and to receive the necessary paperwork.  Thank you!

-Students who qualifies for free or reduced lunches or no insurance- no charge for sports physical
-Students who does not qualify for free or reduced lunches- $25 charge for sports physical

-Students without insurance or those with active Medicaid can receive vaccines for Free.
-Students with private insurance can receive vaccines and the cost of service will be submitted to the insurance company.  ***Insurance must be accepted by Cox Health***

Have a great 3 day weekend!

Friday, August 24, 2018

8-24 Newsletter

Mrs. Lamberson’s Newsletter
417-743-410                               8-24-18

WOW! I can’t believe how fast the first week of school flew by. We spent lots of time learning rules, procedures, and routines. I am impressed with how fast these second graders are getting back in the groove of school.

Math: This year our classroom has Chromebooks for every student to use.  We have been practicing logging on and navigating.  We started Module 1: Sums and Differences to 100 this week.  Since I meet with small groups during math, some of the worksheets that go home will not have all the problems done.  This in not homework.  You are more than welcome to practice these problems with you child, but you don’t have to turn them back in. 

LanguageWe read the books Enemy Pie and Chrysanthemum. We used these two books to help us practice capitalization. Your child should be able to identify the 8 items we discussed that require a capital letter which are names of people and pets, first word in a sentence, the word “I”, days of the week, months of the year, special places, and titles of people (like Dr. and Mrs.).

Writing Workshop: Students spent the week organizing their writing binders and getting prepared for writing workshop. To help them when generating writing ideas, they completed a heart map of the things they love.

Reading Workshop: Students learned all about reading logs and how they will work in our second grade classroom. We are still establishing routines and procedures. I am impressed with how hard they are trying. We also spent some time reviewing story elements including characters and setting.

Important Dates

8/27-8/30: NWEA Testing
 9/3: Labor Day/No School
9/7: Grandparent’s Day (more information to come)

Here are our special classes:
Monday: Spanish
Tuesday: Music/P.E. (make sure to wear tennis shoes)
Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Library/Computers (make sure to bring your library book)
Friday: Music and P.E. (make sure to wear tennis shoes)

I hope you have great weekend!